May 30th

        Oh boy – up early and on the road again. Only three weeks into the trip and this getting up early to move every other day is getting old. Since we hooked up the Jeep the night before the morning preparations went quickly. Problem – the fuel stop we picked is closed on Sunday so we head down the road looking for a new stop. We find one shortly and start out again with a full tank. It was still raining from last night as we drove down the road. The road was fairly easy driving and completely without wild life. It was still raining when we got the campgrounds at Whitehorse YK. Our new rock shield has done it’s job and after hosing it off we removed it from the Jeep. Cable TV at this park gives us 51 channels which is nice since the Direct TV has not worked since we got into Canada. The cell phone once again has service so we don’t feel as cut off as we were in the last site. After a quick tour of town we select Boston Pizza as the place for supper. The food was good as usual. The downtown area looks to have plenty of stores for shopping so we will be busy tomorrow. I collect the email after several attempts and we settle down for the usual TV and beer.

May 31st

        We got up earlier than I wanted but I’ll get by. Rita was worried about the next travel day so we reviewed maps and discussed the road conditions on the “Top Of The World” highway. We decided we would reevaluate the road after we got to Dawson City. After breakfast and getting ready we headed downtown to check out Whitehorse. Parking on Main St. gave us a central point for seeing the various shops. We eventually moved the Jeep down to “Sam and Andy’s” to have lunch. They described themselves as ‘the little Mexican restaurant with the big taste’ so we had high expectations. The food was OK but not up to their description. After lunch we returned to some earlier shops to pick up a couple of souvenirs. The Harley Davidson shop was the next stop. A HD shirt with the name of the local shop was selected and we headed off to the grocery and liquor stores for supplies. Returning to the camper I felt a bit of stomach distress. Maybe from the lunch? After a quick nap I felt better and ran out to collect the e-mail. More virus files and nothing of value. We had seen a riverboat on display downtown so we headed down to take the tour. It was closed but I did manage to snap some pictures. Driving around the outskirts of town gave me an opportunity to take pictures of the surrounding mountains. After selecting a fuel stop for the morning we returned to the camper to hookup the Jeep and install the stone shields so we would be ready to leave in the morning. After minor repairs to the weather stripping on the upper shield the Jeep was ready to go. We settled in for supper and some TV. Tomorrow we head north to Dawson City.