May 25th

        A very windy day today. I feel bad for the neighbor that hit the road this morning. Hard to keep a camper on the road in this kind of wind. Got on the internet today. Sent a couple of emails, updated a couple of websites and downloaded a bunch of SPAM. We decided to have lunch here at the camper for a change. Rita had thawed some meatballs from New Years and they went nicely with the Italian buns we had purchased the day before. Following lunch I worked on the small closet in the bedroom. I moved the rod farther back and added two hooks for the dirty cloths bag. We didn’t have any hooks with us so we had to go to the hardware. This gave us a chance to check out the route through the fuel stop we will be using in the morning. Rita worked on de-hairing some shirts while I watched a prerecorded Tech TV and washed the front window on the camper. Fynnigans had been fun the day before so we went there again for supper. This came with a couple of beers of course. The place is nice and the food is good – now if they could just make the items they have on the menu be like they describe them on the menu. Rita’s meal was great once again and mine was ‘not as described’ once again. Still a good place to go. Returning to the camper we grabbed a couple more beers while watching IDOL and worked on catching up on the TV programs we had brought with us on tape. Time to pack up the computer – we are moving in the morning. Fort Nelson here we come!

May 26th

        Off we go. The fuel stop went exactly as planned except for the line that developed behind us at the pump as the camper drank up 140 liters of diesel. We head north on the Alaskan Highway. Now the trip really starts. The road to this point has been relatively good. Not to say that the roads have become bad but the number of uphill challenges for the camper followed by engine braking down the other side or is it engine braking down to cross a small river and climbing back up the other side. Anyway you look at it this is not freeway driving. We saw an elk and a moose along the roadside during the trip – no camera at hand of course. The last section of the road leading into Fort Nelson has been rebuilt since the original road was built during WW II. A section of about 40 miles had over 130 curves taken out of it. Thanks go to those people! Fort Nelson is pretty much a straight line city. Most of the town exists along the sides of the Alaskan Highway. Our campground was at the west edge of town. Not much of a place but the sites are bigger than the last place. After getting setup we venture out to checkout the town. Straight down and straight back – not a lot to see. A quick stop at a visitor center and a liquor store before heading back to the camper. There is a museum next door that we will have to visit tomorrow. We settle in for the final installment of IDOL and a few beers before having a delicious supper of leftovers We decide to turn in. It has not gotten dark yet as it is not even 10PM yet but we got up early.

May 27th

        Woke up about 4AM this morning. It was so bright outside you could think it was noon. I decided it was too early and rolled over to sleep. Managed to sleep until about 7:30 before I got up. After breakfast and a bit or morning TV we got ready and headed to Dan’s Pub for lunch. The place is located at the far end of town but the town is not that big. We both had the buffalo burger special. Good food and the place seemed popular as it was quite busy. After Rita adjusted the wash at the camper we headed north to see if there were any fuel stops just out of town. We didn’t find any so we checked out the Husky in town and decided on our route to get fuel in the morning. The museum next to the campground was interesting. A large collection of things that Marl Brown had collected over his seventy plus years. The collection had no real theme except maybe the Alaska Highway construction. We bought a video about the 1942 road building project and took a few pictures. After getting Rita back to the camper to continue the laundry I walked over to the ‘modem’ connection to pickup the email. Unfortunately the connection had been removed the day before and no one seemed to know why. It was suggested that I try the library as a place to get on-line. The library filled the bill and email was handled. I could not connect my laptop but I could get to the email through web-mail by using their computers. I picked up Rita and we headed to Back Roads to have supper. Not a bad place. A small restaurant area, a bowling alley and a large bar area. The food was good but I have to admit to be getting tired of paying the high prices for beer in Canada. A bottle of Bud Light goes for 4.75 at Back Roads and a case of 15 cans goes for $30 at the liquor store. A couple of beers and some TV then off to bed. Back on the road in the morning.

May 28th

        Pack and go. Out of the campground and down to the Husky to get fuel. We are on the road headed north by 7:30. The first 40 miles or so were easy, then we got into the mountains. Very beautiful drive just a lot of work. We saw bears, moose, deer and rock sheep along the route. The most scenic drive we have had this trip. There was some road construction along the way, bridge work and even a small section of gravel. This 7km stretch was our first experience with chip seal and man is it dusty! We followed a pilot car through the area so there were no pickup trucks going by throwing stones at us. The final stretch of road going into Watson Lake was back to easy driving. We find the RV park and get registered. The park is basically a gravel parking lot with hookups. A pull through row down the center with a back in row down each side. They do have 10 channels of TV so all is not lost. We get parked and go back to un-hook the Jeep. Surprise! Stones are all over the hood of the Jeep. The left fog lamp is cracked and the windshield has four star breaks in it. Just 7km of chip seal with no oncoming traffic and the Jeep has sustained damage. Time to get creative. The campground owner happily gives us a couple of panels of very used plywood and we begin the process of making covers for the windshield and headlight areas. We plan to go to the hardware store in the morning so we head to a local restaurant for supper. What a dive! Several drunken locals and a beer taper that took 5 minutes to fill a mug. Back to the camper for some TV and off to bed. We will finish our woodwork project in the morning before touring the local area.

May 29th

        Project day. We gathered the wood for the project and started to plan the implementation. After a bit we got to a part where we needed more things than we already had so I went off to the hardware. One Skill Saw, two rachet straps, some screws, pipe insulation, insulation tape etc all found their way to the register for checkout. A quick trip to the liquor store and back to the camper. We worked on the project and eventually got to the point where we only needed one more thing – a piece of PVC pipe. Back to the hardware of course. The completed project looks very crude but we think it will work. The Sign Post Forest was next on the list to see. People bring personalized signs and hang them on posts that are all over this park. Some people have put up plastic signs while others have used metal or wood. Some represent a single visit and others reflect visits over several years. Not all of the signs are in English as some of the visitors have come from other countries. We looked for a sign Rita had read about in some of her  Alaska reading but could not find it. Way too many signs to see them all. Rain was threatening so we checked out our fuel stop for the next morning and went back to the camper to began the process of putting the new creation on to the Jeep. We no more than finished when it started raining. It rained off and on the rest of the night while we watched a bit of TV and had a beer.