May 20th

        After a bit of morning television we got ready for our trip to the mall. I was ready well before Rita so she suggested I try getting email while she finished her preparations. Laptop in hand, I jumped in the Jeep for the trip to the office. After locating the internet connection I began the process determining a dial-up number. People PC did not provide a number for the area code we were in so I had to get creative. A sign was posted on the desk giving the access numbers of several other providers – not People PC. One number was used by multiple providers so I thought this number might also work for me. Sure enough it seemed to love my People PC login. A local number for internet access – gotta love it! Almost three hundred emails downloaded over the next several minutes. Many virus emails, hundreds of SPAM emails and two emails that were worth while. Windows did an update, Norton did an update and I responded to an email. All was right with the world. “Meanwhile back at the ranch”, Rita was beginning to wonder if I was ever returning to the camper. We did reunite and took off for the mall. We managed to find our way to a parking ramp at the Bourbon St entrance to the mall. Once inside we found lunch at a mexican restaurant called Julio’s Barrio. Good food and nice atmosphere. The tour of the mall began. This is a two level mall and seems to have every bit as many stores as the Mall of America. They have an indoor water park, dolphin performance, ice skating rink, adventure park and game area inside the mall along with two fast food courts in addition to the Bourbon St area where we ate. By the time we were half way around the second level we were past ready to leave but we persevered and finished the whole thing. We celebrated our success with a cold beer and some nachos at a Boston Pizza on Bourbon St. Damn good stuff. Back to the camper without incident for some TV, supper and a couple more beers. Tomorrow the Odyssium!

May 21st

        Up and at them one more day. Breakfast and morning TV as usual followed by the morning routine. Off to get email while Rita finishes up and does a little camper work. Takes about an hour for internet today. Norton downloads over 3 megs of updates and I pickup about a hundred SPAM, two virus emails and an email from Carrie the volleyball ref at JoJo’s. She has emailed the team names and game schedules for the volleyball league at the bar. Web site work to be done! After a brief conversation with the locals to determine the location of a movie theater for our Saturday activity I return to the camper to pick up Rita. She has just gotten done with the dishes so we say goodbye to the cats and are off. The roads around Edmonton have been extremely busy by our standards and today is no exception. We work our way further into town than we have been before to find the Odyssium. Bad sign – the parking lot is full of school buses! Back to a nearby McDonalds for lunch and a decision – would there be fewer kids if we came on Saturday? We decided it would be better to wait. Back on the road this time headed for the theater. I was told that the theater is at the mall. Rita and I had actually walked by the entrance yesterday and not known what it was. We arrive at the mall and located the theater – 14 screens and an IMAX. SHREK II was our choice and after buying a soda (locally known as pop) we head to our seats at screen 12. Not too many kids and stadium seating – nice place. We both enjoyed the movie and would recommend it but don’t walk our when it seems like the end as there is a brief but cute part of the movie that appears in the middle of the credits. Heading out of town we decide to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart for some supplies. Following another car we take a short cut across a dirt field to get to the parking lot. Why have a Jeep is you don’t go off road? The same shortcut returns us to the road a little later. Across the road to a gas station and liquor store and back to the camper we go. A couple of beers, a pizza, some TV and a whole bunch of web site work later we head off to bed hoping to find no kids at the Odyssium on Saturday.

May 22nd

        Morning as usual. Get ready and head off to do internet. Lots of people waiting  so I collected mail and got off. We headed out to find a quick lunch before going to the Odyssium. Arby’s provided a nice place and a good sandwich. From there we went off to the highlight of the day. No buses in the parking lot and not that many cars. This place was originally called something that made it sound like a science and space museum. Now it is called the Odyssium what ever that means. We purchased tickets for the museum as well as one of the IMAX shows. We had some time to kill before the IMAX started so we began the tour. The room we entered was defiantly setup for kids. Lots of interactive exhibits. Do we have a problem? The IMAX was about a polar explorer from the early 1900’s. Lots of struggle, peril and difficult survival. Actually a very interesting movie. Out to see the rest of the place. More interactive things at a grade school level. We ducked into a planetarium show that was all about our changing environment. Interesting but we would have liked to see something about constellations instead. We finished the tour somewhat disappointed and headed back towards the camper. After a quick stop at the campers favorite (Wal-Mart) where we sampled a McDonalds cheese sandwich we got to the campgrounds. I tried the internet again and found I could not get to my websites. I did happen to run into someone from Wisconsin. She and her husband were headed for Alaska. Turns out she is the sister of one of JoJo’s regulars (Bob Fish)  and she used to live across the street from some friends of ours (Sharon and Gene Retert) in Wild Rose – small world! Tried the internet again later with the same result. Something about UUNet having a router problem. After some evening TV and some of Rita’s turkey and gravy I tried again about 11:30 and finally got to upload the update files to JoJo’s site. Lots of miles on the agenda of tomorrow.

May 23rd

        Up at 6:00 and away we go. I had gotten information from the campground office on where to get fuel so we back tracked to the station. Could not find it. So I u-turned and headed down the road to Dawson Creek. We found a closed station down the road and started to think that maybe all the station would be closed on Sunday. In the next town we saw what looked to be open fuel stations so I u-turned again and went back to find fuel. We missed the turn so I had to u-turn for the third time in one day. U-turning the camper with the Jeep just once is no small feat and after three Rita was getting up tight. The first station we pulled into looked OK but had no diesel so we went right on through and across the street into a second station. Very tight station but we were in. After topping off the tank I u-turned yet again to get out and on the way. The rest of the trip was without incident or u-turn. After working our way through Dawson Creek we found the campground on the far side. We checked in and got setup in our site on the second try. Seems we got in the wrong site the first time. After settling the cats we headed out the check out the city. Not a bad place they even have a Wal-Mart. Supper and a beer were found at Boston Pizza. Back to the camper to catch some TV including the seasons last episode for Alias and a few beers. Tomorrow we check out the town a little more thoroughly.

May 24th

        After getting ready I was given the job of picking a spot for lunch. While I waited for Rita to finish I chatted briefly with the people in the camper next door. They have been full time RVers for about a year but have been RVing for seven years. They seemed like nice people. Shortly after that Rita was ready and we headed into town to review the possibilities. After a quick look around we ended up at a Smitty’s – basically a Denny’s. The food was OK but we will not be repeating in a Smitty’s. From there we headed off to Wal-Mart and eventually to a grocery store. While we were in town we took pictures at Mile Post 0 and visited a souvenir shop. Things at the Wal-Mart were normal but the grocery store was a bit odd. We walked in looking for a grocery cart – none to be had. It seems they were all in the cart barn in the parking look. No problem, I’ll just run out and get one. Problem – they are all chained together. After a bit of fumbling around I figured out the locking mechanism – put a Loony ($1cn) in the slot, insert the loose chain end and out pops the locking chain. The store had very few brands we were familiar with but we found what we needed and head back to the camper. We no more than got the groceries in from the Jeep when the lady from next door showed up. She is a retired interior designer and had has taken up nature photography as a creative outlet. I invited her in and the three of us chatted for quite a while. We agreed to stop by their camper later that evening for a drink. Thinking we should restock our beer supply we headed out to Fynnigan’s Pub and Liquor store. We had a cold brew while we were there and eventually decided to sample their menu for supper. Very nice atmosphere and the food was good. A definite repeat stop. Returning to the camper we got ready for our visit next door. The conversation with the neighbors went very well. We were there over two hours and there was no shortage of topics to discuss. Back at our camper we reassured our cats that everything was OK (they had been able to hear us but not see us) and we settled down for a little TV and beer. The neighbors head out in the morning but we have one more day here.