May 10th

        We left a little late – about 9:35 – after having breakfast at McDonalds, visiting the bank and returning equipment to Charter. It was an uneventful trip to the Rogers MN area. KOA campground was nothing special – too many trees to get the satellite to work. We had supper at MaMa G’s – nice place, good burgers, cold beer but no Bud Light. Checked out the location of the Camping World before supper and saw an ad for XM Radio. Called Chad to see if he thought I should get XM or Sirius. XM he says – GM uses XM. We had a couple of beers at the camper after supper.

May 11th

        I got to sleep a little later today. Check out time is noon and our appointment is at 1:00PM. Washed the windshield and flushed out the black tank (fun, fun). Saw an automatic awning that we liked. You could leave it decorated when it closed. The canvas rolled at the camper not at the normal spot. Checked out right at noon and headed for Camping World. After looking at the water pump installation the techs thought I would be wasting my money to change the pump. I then used the appointment to install the XM Radio instead. It took forever. Had lunch at a Mexican place called Guadalajara’s  - nice to find a Mexican place for a change. Picked up towels etc at a Target and waited for the tech to finish. Got the radio registered and hit the road after 5:00PM. It was an easy trip to the campground. Cash only at this place but a full service site was only $23.00 a night. Got to the site and set-up just in time to start the VCR recording and watch American Idol. Satellite works here so we will be able to record the Shield at 10:00 – good news.

May 12th

        It rained off and on last night quite hard at times. The tornados that passed through the state seem to have missed us – happy about that, you know how trailer parks attract tornados! Finally watched some tape this morning. We got to see Survivor up to the reunion show. We already know who won – newspaper at a McDonalds – but we are looking forward to the reunion and the extra winner that will be announced later this week. We had lunch at Pizza Hut after driving around Alexandria looking for the Carver’s Edge store. What we found looked closed to me. I took pictures of Big Ole the town’s claim to fame. Called all the numbers we had for Carver’s Edge and located them in Hoffman MN about 20 miles west of the campsite. Drove over to Craig and Mary’s house (Carver’s Edge) and viewed the items they had available. We selected two items and returned to the camper. We no more than got settled and Mary called saying she had forgotten to show use a large item they had for sale. We drove back to view the item which was a large mural (5’6” by 3’10”). It was beautiful! No room in the camper for it so we indicated we would get back to them in August once we had decided if we had a place to hang it. Called the next campground after hearing there had been 7” of snow in Minot SD. They said it was melting and that all would be good by the time we arrived. Supper, beers, TV and bed.

May 13th

        Up early to start the move process. After a couple of tight turns we got the camper out of the campground and we hit the road about 7:30AM. We stopped for lunch about 10:30 before continuing north. Got fuel just south of Minot and got to the campground about 3:00PM. No water until tomorrow due to the cold weather. The site was muddy but we managed to get set up. No satellite – too many trees. Had supper at the Homestead Restaurant – good food – visited the Wal-Mart and went back to the camper in time to watch the Survivor bonus show etc and have a few beers.

May 14th

        The temperature dropped down to 21 last night. The heat pumps did the job of keeping us warm all night without starting the furnace as best I can tell. I watched one hour of Tech TV from my PC this morning while Rita was getting ready. I went to the campground office to use their phone line to get my e-mail. No local access number for People PC here in Minot so I had to call long distance to Bismark. The campground charges 12cents per minute for long distance and $1.00 for good measure so 30 minutes later and nearly $5.00 poorer I was the proud owner of over 260 SPAM e-mails and a couple of semi interesting ones. We left about 12:30 to get lunch at the Paradiso – Mexican restaurant. Good meal over all but not as nice a place as the last place. We drove up to the north side of town to visit a couple of craft stores – no purchases. From there we went to a Scandinavian Heritage display and then on to a grocery store for a couple of items. I worked on some changes to the Milton College website and went back to the office to post the changes – they ended up $5.00 richer again. I miss my high speed internet!!! We still have no water at the site today. It must be going to get cold again tonight. Dumped the tanks, ate supper and watched some TV then early to bed so we can get up early to move to Moose Jaw SK. Oh boy! Hope we have good luck at the border.