Jun 21st

        Managed to get on the internet and update the Milton College, JoJo’s and Brown’s Barn web sites as well as collect the email this morning. We then went to Louie’s for lunch. Someone along the way recommended we try the fish sandwich there if we had the chance. It was delicious! Down the road to Soldotna and Sterling. We turned around in Sterling and started back while looking for shopping opportunities. We didn’t find anywhere to stop until we found a wood carving place. Very well done carvings and a wide variety led us to purchase two items for the cabin. Across the road we found a Harley store where a few more items were purchased. From here we went to the Fred Meyers in Soldotna. This is a store very much like a Wal-Mart. After picking up a few essential items we headed on back to the camper. Finding a spot in the camper for the wood carvings was a bit of a trick. During all the shuffling around the screen door managed not to get latched and our cat Ozzy found his way out of the camper. After a bit of frantic searching and worry we found him sitting on the frame way under the camper. I crawled under the camper and managed to grab him by one foot and drag him out. He seemed happy to be back inside and we were relieved to have him home. A little later we went out to watch the Beluga whales in the bay again. As before we saw nothing and came in after getting cold. Rita warmed up some meatballs for supper and we settled in for some TV.

Jun 22nd

        Both of us worked on PC related projects during the morning which contributed to our late start. We had lunch at Arby’s before heading out. I didn’t take the cameras along since we were just going to places we had been before. I joked with Rita that this would insure that we would see some wildlife. We revisited the carving store and picked up some additional items. Back to Fred Meyers for a few items. We found a good deal on Bud Light and bought two 24 packs to restock the refrigerator. On the way back to the camper we saw a moose standing along side the road – of course. After we got home Rita decided to spend a couple of hours cleaning the camper. We had supper at the restaurant located right at the entrance to the campground – The Old Town Village Restaurant. The food was very expensive and the service was terrible. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Go to Louie’s! We stopped to watch the Beluga whales on the way back. Same result as before – no whales to be seen. The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and sampling the day’s purchases (beer). Around midnight I stepped out to watch the sun set. Tomorrow we leave for Anchorage.

Jun 23rd

        Since we only had 160 miles to go we didn’t get too early a start. Due to the many vehicles parked in the roadway in front of the camper we ended up backing out of the stall. We hooked up the Jeep and hit the road. The trip to Anchorage was over roads we had traveled before and since we had checked out this campground earlier it was easy to find. Check in was smooth and the site was nice – it even came with a pile of moose droppings. Thirty four channels on the cable and 50 amps. Dial-up internet was available in the office and my provider had a local number – finally! We set up the camper and said goodbye to the cats before heading off to find lunch. We went to the same Pizza Hut we had visited before. Too late for the buffet we ordered pizza and had a great lunch. From there it was off to the movies. The timing was wrong to see any of the movies so we killed an hour by getting gas, washing the windows and fighting the traffic. After calling my sister Carol to wish her a happy anniversary we went into the theater to see The Chronicles of Ridick. Interesting movie but I give it a ‘rent the DVD’ – the action is fast and it is easy to loose track of what is going on. From there it was off to Wal-Mart. Cat litter and a few other items later we were back on the road to the camper. It was later in the evening than we had planned but the traffic was still bad. I picked up email while Rita put away the few items we had purchased. Supper was delayed as we were still a little full from our late lunch. We eventually put together some of the leftovers we found in the refrigerator to make an interesting combination for supper – french fries, pizza and breaded fish. The remainder of the night was spent watching TV and testing a couple more items from yesterday’s purchases (beer).

Jun 24th

        Taco Bell for breakfast! My favorite. From there we went to an RV center to look for a part for the shower as well as find a rock shield for the Jeep. Found the part but not the rock shield. They would have to order it – no time to wait unfortunately. Next stop, the Harley Davidson store. Following the map we got from the PC we found the store with no problem. Nice place with a wide selection of accessories and bikes including 3 trikes. Rita and I are getting more convinced we need a trike in the family. After selecting a shirt for Rita we headed down the road to Whittier. South of Anchorage a little ways we pulled over to take pictures of Hope. The little town is visible on the opposite shore even though it was still over 50 mile away by road. Further on down the road we took the cutoff to Whittier. The trip to this point had taken longer than we thought it would and the up coming trip through the tunnel did not help. A 2.5 mile tunnel through a mountain is part of the route to town. It is a one way tunnel and it reverses direction every half hour. Trains also use the tunnel from time to time – this was one of those times. After the outgoing traffic passed we had to wait for an outgoing train. Then we waited for them to purge the smoke from the tunnel before we could proceed. The tunnel was interesting but the town on the other side was not much. We did manage to find a place to have a quick fish lunch and a couple of beers – Varly’s Swiftwater Seafood. Great fish and the beer was very cold. After a quick drive around we went back to the tunnel to wait for the outgoing cycle. The road back to the campground seemed long and we arrived very tired. I checked the tires and the oil in preparation for the morning trip. A little internet and TV filled the remainder of the night. Travel day tomorrow!

Jun 25th

        Got up early today. Nearly 240 miles to the next campground. We hooked up and left Anchorage RV along with the many others that were moving that morning. The Glenn Highway took us north out of town where we switched to the Parks Highway to continue the trip to Denali. We encountered some road construction along the way but the delays were not too bad. Mt McKinley was clearly visible on the horizon as we worked our way up the road. Shortly after passing the entrance to Denali Park we found the campground. No one was waiting to check in when we arrived but that soon changed. I had no more than pulled in when six additional campers pulled in behind me. I had to move our camper to allow the last one to get in off the road. As a result I was the first one to campground and the last one to get checked in. Our full service site was a back in, not level and very narrow to boot. The rear jacks were near their range limit by the time we got the camper level. The cable TV was actually 6 channels being rebroadcast from a satellite pickup. Two news channels, two religious channels, TBS and Discovery – not a list of my favorites! After getting settled we jumped in the Jeep and went to the visitors center at the park. We booked an 8 hour bus tour for the next morning and returned to the camper. Feeling the need for supper we headed out to find food. Right across the road we found a place called Lynx Creek Pizza. Great pizza and cold beer – a definite repeat place. Back to the camper to prepare for the bus trip and watch a little great TV – yah right! A few episodes of Deep Space 9 saved the night.