March 27th

        Moving day. Still having trouble going through the steps to get ready to move. The path out of the campground was easy and we were on the road without incident. The ramp to 281 was even open – all that worrying for nothing. Sure there was some construction but that has been normal everywhere we have gone in TX. The trip was uneventful and we found the exit in San Antonio without problem. The traffic on the way to the campground was a little heavy but that was to be expected since this campground was the closest one to River Walk. The place offers wireless internet but it is not free. I signed up of course. The service was sporadic but much better than no internet at all. We found lunch/supper at a Taco Cabana. This is our second visit to one of these and I still don’t like the flavor of their beans. Back to the camper for some Carnivale and Deadwood.

March 28th

        Using Microsoft Streets and Trips I was able to locate a CiCi's not too far away. We had trouble finding the place and had to resort to looking for street numbers to actually find the business. This place certainly was a CiCi's once but it is not currently a CiCi's. Other than the missing signage and the no "Welcome to CiCi’s!" when you walk in the door there was very little difference. After a good lunch at what we now call "Not-a-CiCi’s" we drove downtown to check out River Walk. I was without my camera but we walked around and had a generally nice time. We had a beer at a British themed place called Mad Dog's. A little too fancy for me. After paying way too much for parking we returned to the camper. We sat outside enjoying the weather. Not a bad place.

March 29th

        While at Not-a-CiCi's yesterday, we had seen a place called China Harbor. It looked like a large China buffet place so it was selected for today's lunch. A very large selection of excellent food. I wish the Chinese buffets back home were anywhere near this good. I had a bunch of web work to do so we returned to the camper. I worked for a while but the nice weather called to me and we ended the day sitting outside.

March 30th

        Big day today! We have decided to try taking a city bus to the River Walk. The bus stop was across the street from the campground so that part was easy. What we didn't know was where we were supposed to get off. Luckily the bus driver eventually called out 'River Walk stop' so we got off. We descended the stairs to the River Walk and began looking for a place to have lunch. There are many restaurants to choose from. We selected one that served Mexican food of course. It was called The Original Mexican Restaurant. Good food and worth a visit when you are on 'the walk'. We saw several tour boats go by while we were eating. The people seemed to be having a good time so we decide to give it a try. We had to stand in line for a while but eventually we boarded and started our tour. The ride was informative and not overly expensive. I recommend it. After the tour, we walked to a bar called The County Line. Not bad but not really our kind of place – no Bud Light. Our next stop was at Dick's Last Resort. This place we liked quite a bit. A unique place where the employees specialize in insulting the patrons. We stayed here for a while chatting with the bartender. After several rounds we left promising to return. As we walked back to the point that we entered River Walk, we passed by one last bar. It was located in the bottom of the Hilton. The beer was a little pricey and the place was too fancy for my taste. We got up on street level and began looking for a bus stop that had our bus number listed. Shortly we were on our way back to the camper. TV and a little web work filled the remainder of the evening.

March 31st

        Shopping Day!! We had lunch at a Long John Silver's and A&W combination place, with a way too loud juke box , before making an extended stop at Wal-Mart. I had a chat earlier in the day with the people I was doing a web site for and I had plenty of work to do. When we did get back to the camper I was plenty busy for the remainder of the day working on (a little plug for my client). The license plate renewal sticker arrived today – no more worries.

April 1st 

        Being old hands at this bus ride thing, we journeyed back to River Walk once again. Today's lunch was at a place called Republic of Texas. Good food and good service. From there we walked back to street level and a couple of blocks more to find the Alamo. Interesting place. I think there is a lot to know about the history of Texas and the role played by the Alamo that I don't currently know. Lots of exhibits and worth the visit – even if you are not from Texas. We walked to a place called Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. We thought this might be a museum dedicated to the history of saloons. Not so. It was a collection of animal horns and heads. Big disappointment but the beer was cold. After one, we hit the street to find the upper level entrance to Dick's. It wasn't far away. We quickly settled in on stools at the front bar and ordered a beer. Then came several more beers. Did I mention that we like this place? Eventually it was time to leave. Back on the bus again. At the camper we ordered a pizza from a nearby Pizza Hut. The guy brought it right to our site with no problem. A little pizza , beer and TV – could you ask for more?

April 2nd

        Camper day. We spent the day around the camper. Not to say we didn't go out for lunch but even that was close by. There was a Mexican restaurant across the street from the campground that we had been thinking we should try sometime. This being our last day in San Antonio it was now or never. The place was definitely Mexican inside. All the workers spoke Spanish as their main language but at least they spoke some English so things were easier than before. The food was good but the soda came as a can with a glass of ice. Kind of kills that free refill idea. Back at the camper I finished a web site and generally prepared for leaving. I knew I was not going to have wireless internet access in our next campground so I got a little surfing in before shutting down the PC.