March 20th

        We had been driving by a nice looking Mexican restaurant (Pepe's) for the last couple days so we decide maybe that would be a nice place for Sunday lunch. Upon our arrival we discovered that this was a 'real' Mexican restaurant. English was definitely a foreign language at this place. The menu was not even in English. We had to order 'blind' but everything turned out fine. The food was excellent but we decided that one visit to Pepe's was enough. It was a very warm day and we ran the A/C in the camper. We worked inside all day doing projects and cleaning. The evening brought Carnivale and Deadwood really good HBO shows. The weather became quite windy during the evening which was a welcome relief from the heat but we did have to put the awning up to be sure it would still be with us in the morning.

March 21st

        We made reservations today at a campground in San Antonio. We plan to move there on the coming Sunday. After completing a little web work, we headed to LJS for lunch. After a filling lunch we visited Home Depot, Camping World and the local Ace Hardware. We bought a bag of hinges at Home Depot to use on a project involving six cabinet doors. Later we discovered they were not the ones we needed. We bought a fluorescent tube at the hardware it was not the right size. Not a good shopping day overall. I continue to worry that my diary entries are lacking in interest. We are not doing tourist things and I am not taking any pictures. Oh well, they are still going to help me remember what happened during the trip and that is their primary purpose.

March 22nd

        We picked a Peter Piper Pizza for today's lunch. The food was good but there were way too many kids and overall we decided this would be our only Peter Piper visit. Another shopping day!! We looked for cabinet latches at Camping World no go. We picked up some latches at Home Depot that may do the trick. A quick stop at Wal-Mart for who knows what and then back to the camper. After working on the cabinet door project a bit, I decided that I would put two latches on each door to make sure they would stay closed on the road. That means I have half as many latches as I need. It cooled off later in the afternoon and we were able to open the windows. A little TV completed the evening.

March 23rd

        Unseasonably hot today. We mostly stayed around the camper. Though it had only been one week since the last one, there was another of those free margarita parties scheduled for 4PM. I passed time on PC projects until then. The campground was trying to use up all of the left over margarita mix from the last few months as this was the end of the 'season' for them. Anyway, I drank a few large glasses of frozen margarita before we returned to the camper and I switched to beer. I was sitting outside, glass in hand, when I started chatting with the guy next door about his camper. Shortly Rita and I were over touring his unit. He had an Alpha and I have to admit it was a very nice camper. Nice people but we didn't want to out stay our welcome so we returned to our camper and watched TV and I had some more beer.

March 24th

        I am sure there was some bad margarita mix in there somewhere. I didn't feel all that well (crappy) most of the day. I even got the 'runs' which is not my typical sign of over indulgence. Not that I could convince Rita of that idea. She was sure I had over consumed tequila as well as beer. She harassed me most of the day.

March 25th

        To try to get back in good graces with Rita, I selected a nearby Pizza Hut Buffet (one of her favorites) as our lunch location. We arrived at the restaurant in plenty of time and were surprised by how few cars were in the lot. Once inside we discovered the problem they didn't serve a buffet. Plan B. We went to CiCi's (her very favorite pizza place) for their all day buffet. This seemed to even things out. It was quite a drive but well worth the effort.

March 26th

        Tomorrow we move. We decided to check out the route out of Mission so that we wouldn't have any surprises with the camper the next day. It is so much easier to recover from a missed turn in the Jeep than it is with the motor home. Not being able to back up can be very limiting. The route seemed straight forward until we got to one of those multi-message flashing highway signs. It said something like '281 ramp closed Sunday ?M'. Was that AM or PM? Neither one of us could say for sure so we were a little worried. We had a great burger at Fuddruckers before going back through the area in question. This time we couldn't see the sign at all. Back at the camper, I spent time on the internet looking for road construction information. I found lots of it as there is more road construction going on in TX than anywhere I have ever been. Nothing indicated a problem with our route so we decide we would just 'wing it'. I put away the chairs and started getting ready for the next days travel. We had only been here two weeks but it seemed like it had been a long time since I packed up for travel.