March 13th

        Moving day. It's only 70 miles to our next stop so there is no real hurry. We have to leave our current campground by noon but can't check into the next one until 3PM. With time to spare we decided to go out for breakfast. Whataburger serves breakfast until 11AM so we headed there. After a leisurely breakfast we managed to get on the road by a little after 11AM. We made a quick stop for fuel. The only problems from the stop came as a result of me stepping in some real nasty black greasy crap and tracking it all over the interior of the camper. Cleaning would have to wait until we got to the next campground. Maps in hand, we still managed to take the wrong exit near Mission and get completely lost. After finding an area large enough to pull over, we studied the GPS and the PC mapping software to determine where we were versus where we were going. We plotted our new route and got back on the road. Our route took us to a “Bridge out – road closed” sign. Plan B. We eventually found our way and got to the campground. Even with all the delays we were early – they let us park anyway. Nice place. Very large lots and friendly people. The temperature outside was 95 and we had a bit of cleaning to do so the remainder of the day was spent at the camper. Deadwood and Carnivale completed the evening.

March 14th

        Lunch today is to be at a Chinese buffet called House of China. The campground brochure said the address was 220 S 10th. We checked the addresses when we got off of the freeway and found were at 1800 S 10th so we headed north. We found pretty much an empty lot when we got to the address but we continued north anyway. The restaurant had a location on the north end of 10th as well so we thought we would just go to that one. By actual count, we passed 11 Chinese buffet restaurants before we found the one we were looking for. The food was good and reasonably priced with a large selection of items. Way too much traffic in the area to make for a comfortable revisit. We later found out that the actual address of the one we were looking for originally was 2200 S 10th. If we had turned the other way we would have found it almost immediately. A quick stop at Camping World was all we could do as it seemed we both were in need of using the restroom. It seems the buffet had given us both a case of the 'runs'. We won't be going there again. Back at the camper, we sat outside enjoying the breeze. As we chatted we decided that we really liked this campground and that we would extend our current one week stay to two weeks and maybe we would come back here next year.

March 15th

        I located a Fuddruckers on the far side of McAllen so we decided to treat ourselves to a good burger. We stayed off the freeways and wound our way through the somewhat back roads to eventually get to the store. Great burgers as usual but we were a little disappointed by the pump cheese – not as thick as the cheese at our Fudds back home. After a quick and unproductive stop at an H E B (local grocery store chain), where we looked for pre-marinated chicken breasts, we headed back to the camper. We had not taken the time to put the awning down and hang the sun shade earlier so today we did. We sat out for a while enjoying the beautiful weather before the clouds gathered and a storm blew in. It rained like crazy so we decided it was time to retire to the camper and a little TV. We became even more convinced that we wanted to stay an extra week so we stopped by the office and extended our stay as well as signing up for Feb & Mar of 2006. We really like this place! Rita came to me about 10PM to advise me that the dryer had stopped spinning in mid cycle. Seems it will have to be looked at one day soon.

March 16th

        On our way to Fuddruckers yesterday, we had passed by a Taco Bell / Long John Silver's combination restaurant that became the place for lunch today. We both had items from the Taco Bell menu but the stuff on the Long John side looked very interesting. It had gotten a little cool after the storm last night but it has warmed up nicely today. Working on web sites took up my time after we returned to the camper. Rita can always find something to clean so she kept busy as well. About 4PM, we broke from our labors to walk over to the club house. Every other Wednesday the campground organizes a gathering and provides free frozen margaritas – all you care to drink. We met lots of nice people from northern states as well as Canada. We returned to the camper with a happy glow to have supper and a couple of beers. A very nice day.

March 17th

        One beautiful day today. It warmed into the mid 70s. I even got a spurt of enthusiasm and worked on the dryer. It takes a little work to get at the thing and get it apart but the problem was just as we had suspected. We had experienced this same symptom when we were in Florida a couple years ago. We had taken the dryer to an RV center for repair where the technician quickly showed me a lose connector on the control board and a bill for $50. One of the differences with RV life – if you need repair work you take the problem to the service guy. Anyway, once again it was the little plug and I was able to make the repair without involving the $50 or the trip to the service center. We had a late lunch at Tom & Jerry's Burgers & Beer. Good burgers and excellent Texas Toothpicks – a combination of or breaded onion strips and breaded jalapeno slices. Dipped in a ranch dressing they were memorable. We made a quick stop at the nearby Camping World before returning to the camper. It had become a little windy as the day went on but still a beautiful day.

March 18th

         The wind continues to blow today but the temperatures climbed a little higher – up into the 80's. We got a call from Rita's brother Ed (the tax guy) today. He had completed and filed our taxes. They couldn't have come out better and I was extremely happy. Each year I have to worry about taxes and license plate renewals during the trip and now one of those was done. We decided to have lunch at Arturo's in Progreso Mexico so we made the trip to the border and went through the usual crossing process and a couple of block walk before finally getting lunch. A nice place and one I would recommend if you should be in the area. From there we went back to the Cactus Bar for a large Pena Colada before returning home to sit out on the patio. A very enjoyable day that was completed by an evening of great SciFi TV.

March 19th

        We decided to brave the Long John Silvers menu for lunch today. As we left the camper to get in the Jeep we noticed one of the Jeep tires was flat. Easily visible was a screw imbedded in the tread. Almost immediately a neighbor showed up to help change the tire. "Have you got a jack, have you got a jack?" He rushed off to get his jack and star wrench while I looked for the wheel lock key to release the spare. In short work we had the tire changed and the flat loaded in the back of the Jeep. After thanking the neighbor for his help we were finally on the road towards lunch. I had shrimp and Rita had fish from the LJS menu. Both were quite good and we decided we could do LJS again. We headed north to a Super Wal-Mart whose location I had found on the Wal-Mart web site. Sure enough there was a Wal-Mart there – just they had not finished building it yet. Disappointed, we went to the Wal-Mart way south on 83. The place was a zoo! I dropped the tire off to be repaired while we did a little grocery shopping. $6.50 was all it cost to repair the tire. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the groceries as it had been a while and we needed several items. We made chicken on the 'George' and sat out watching the stars before retiring to the camper to watch Terminator 3. A reasonably good movie.