February 27th

        Moving day. We got up at 5:30AM today with the hopes of getting on the road through Houston early and avoid some of the traffic. Things went well and we left the campground shortly after 7AM. We were on the road by about 7:25AM with a full tank of fuel. Traffic was light but we did encounter some road construction. This caused a bit of confusion but in the end everything worked out. The road towards Corpus Christi was set up to eventually become an interstate so it was divided and good going most of the way. The trip was only 250 miles so we arrived at the campground early  - about 12:30PM. The was no "park here while checking in" area so I stopped the camper in the center of the driveway just off the road. The office was "closed for lunch" so we sat on the porch and waited for someone to return. Traffic in and out of the campground had to go around the camper but I could not help that. We eventually got checked in and assigned a site. After having one parked car moved we were able to make the various turns that led us to our site and get parked. A concrete slab and a concrete patio – OK. Unfortunately, it had rained the day before and the ground around the area where I had to hook up the electric, sewer and water as like walking on a mud sponge – what fun. After settling in and signing up for the wireless internet we jumped in the Jeep to explore the area. A nice collection of restaurants and stores were within easy driving distance. A "Whataburger" was picked as the spot for lunch. Not bad food! This was our first visit to a "Whataburger" and it won’t be our last. The remainder of the day was spent with the cats and the Oscars.

February 28th

        The planes from the nearby Naval Air Station provided a morning wake up call. After spending too much time surfing the net, I eventually got ready and we left for lunch at a China Buffet that was not too far from the campground. The food was average and about like eating at similar places back home. We had an OK impression of the place until we saw a cockroach run up the wall as we were leaving. Not a place we will be returning to. We did a little driving around before returning to the camper. A quick stop at a hardware store to get some parts for a project and then a stop at an RV place to get a new water filter – they didn't have one. We even took a short tour of Padre Island. We decided that we needed to plan a day trip around Padre and Mustang Island. More time around the camper was followed by a pizza from Papa John's for supper and couple of beers while watching a little TV. We caught a repeat of the season ending episode of Deadwood to get back into the story. The new season starts this coming Sunday – not something you want to be unprepared for!

March 1st

         Beautiful day – we decided to take a drive. We picked a "Wienerschnitzel" as the place for lunch. There was one located on our route and their commercials looked good. The location was on Shoreline Dr – basically on the beach. After a very scenic drive through sections of very nice lake view homes we found the place. We had expected a place like a McDonalds but it was not to be. This was basically a walk-up window in a small building on the boardwalk. No indoor seating and only three people working – a very small place. We ordered and waited at a nearby concrete picnic table. When the food did arrive it was worth the wait. We had chili dogs, a chili burger and chili fries – all with cheese. After a great lunch of watching the waves role in to bother the ever present seagulls we resumed our drive. Continuing out of town on the NE side, we passed the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium. We hope to visit these two locations before leaving the area. Our drive eventually took us through Port Aransas and onto Mustang Island. From there we continued to Padre Island and back to Corpus Christi and the campground. We stopped along the way to pick up a couple of souvenirs and stretch our legs a little. A nice drive and one I would recommend. Back at the camper we relaxed a little, sat outside watching the planes go over and eventually went in to watch American Idol. A good today but the local weather man says it will rain tomorrow.

March 2nd

        The weatherman was right. One rainy day. We did lunch at a place called Cancun Mexican Restaurant. Excellent food and great chips & salsa. We stopped at a hardware store to get more project supplies before returning to the camper. Not much going on today but tomorrow we do the USS Lexington. After some research I selected our next campground and made reservations. Maps and instructions got printed out and I was ready for the Sunday move.

March 3rd

        During a news cast I had seen a sign for place called Bourbon Street Bar & Grill. We decided that would be the place for lunch. After plotting the route, it was on the way to the Lexington, we took off. The general area of the place was having road construction so it took a bit of doing to find the place. Finally we spotted the sign and started looking for a place to park. That is when we saw the "Closed – For Sale or Lease" signs. Oh well. We circled around to the first place we saw – Whataburger on the Bay. Still a good lunch just not what we were expecting. From there we found our way to the Lexington. Not that an aircraft carrier is hard to find but working our way through the roads took some time. After parking and paying $26 for two tickets we started the tour. At first it seemed like we had once again selected an overpriced tourist trap. After reading the supplied map, we started a tour at a spot called “2”. The tour wound through the bowels of the ship and seemed to be without end. What a big place! Exhibits were everywhere! Then we watched a very good movie on Operation Red Flag – fighter pilot training. We continued to do the remaining tours and left several hours later completely worn out from walking, climbing stairs and ducking through hatches. A very good tour. I highly recommend touring the USS Lexington if you ever get to Corpus Christi.

March 4th

        Cleaning day at the camper. Lunch at the Cancun Mexican Restaurant. What can I say – we like the place. From there we went to the local Harley place and eventually to a Super Wal-Mart for some shopping. Groceries were acquired and we returned to the camper. General project day for me. I even took a little time to prepare my tax stuff for mailing. Not to say that I actually did my taxes. I leave that to the professionals. Rita's brother does our taxes for us and I wouldn't trust anyone else. By 6:30PM Rita had cleaned up the last cat spot and cleaned the remainder of the camper within an inch of it's life. Time for a beer and some TV. Tomorrow is our last day before we move. We hope to get out to Mustang & Padre Islands one more time.

March 5th

        Lunch today at a place called Snoopy's. We had seen the place kind of below the bridge the leads out to the island when we toured earlier in the week. After taking one wrong exit and having to get back on and then off at the next exit, we found our way to Snoopy's. Upon entering the building we found ourselves in line to order food. The menu was on the wall with prices. The write up we had read recommended the "fish & chips" so that is what we ordered. We also selected an order of crap stuffed jalapeno poppers. When my name was called I went to the counter and retrieved our food. The fish was delicious and the poppers were pleasantly hot. A stop we will repeat if we are ever in the area again. From there we headed out to Padre Island. We drove all over the south part of this section of the island and eventually ended up stopping at the Pelican Lounge. A nice little bar set back from the road. It had been a while since we had a tap beer and theirs was good and cold. After a couple of glasses we headed back towards the camper. We were almost back when we decided to stop at Leaping Lizards Sports Bar. This place is just a couple of blocks from where the camper is parked. We had been thinking about stopping there off and on during the week but with this being our last day in Corpus Christi the time for procrastination had passed. A friendly local's bar. A pitcher of Bud Lighter was $5 all three times we ordered one. Feeling a bit mellower we drove the last blocks to the camper and settled in for the night. Since we had to move in the morning we did not want to get too carried away. TV completed the evening.