February 20th

        Lunch today was at Chili’s. Good food. Looked for a new shower faucet at Home Depot and Lowe's with no luck. Spent the remainder of the day at the camper. We dried out the shower area and have changed the way we take showers. This should reduce the leakage until we can replace the valve. Did some research on Galveston and planned the route for tomorrow's exploration. Rita is not feeling too well – dizziness.

February 21st

        Trip to Galveston today. It was a longer drive that I thought and we got started a little later that I had hoped. I had the complete wrong idea about the size of Galveston. It is much larger than I thought. After a couple of wrong turns we found our way down to the dock area. Our first problem was finding a place to park. After going round and round we eventually parked on the street about two blocks out and walked back. Our goal was to see a couple of movies on the history of Galveston so we made our way to the presentation area near the docks. We saw two good movies that were worth the visit. From there we walked to a street called The Strand. Galveston has its own Mardi Gras that is held on this street and we wanted to see what the area was like. It was not at all like Bourbon St. Talking to the merchants about Mardi Gras, we discovered that their version is very tame by comparison. People don't show up until seven or eight and are going home by 11PM. They close the whole thing down every night at mid-night. Bourbon St only closes at midnight on the last night – Fat Tuesday – and then that is only the street drinking that stops - you can still drink in the bars while they clean the trash out of the gutters. In Galveston everything stops at 12AM nightly. On the way back we made note of the location of a restaurant that we want to come back to some other day – La Brisa in Baycliff.

February 22nd

        The goal today is to find our way to a Monaco RV dealer on the northwest side of Houston. After a good lunch at the El Rio near the campground we headed out – map in hand. The traffic through town was intense. Texas roadways are not similar in construction to those we find in Wisconsin. U-turn lanes, added lanes, exit only lanes and extra roads are all over the place. We had gotten familiar with them over the previous week and a half so it was not as bad as it could have been. After finding the part we needed in the RV parts area we took a few minutes to tour two 2005 versions of the motor home we own. I wanted to see what had changed and maybe get some ideas for improving our unit. Lots of changes for it having been only three years since ours was built. Now I have to win a lottery so that I can buy a new one! From there we headed even further north to find a Harley Davidson shop up in Woodlands. Once we found the shop we had to go about three miles past it to get to u-turn lane and then work our way back. It was a very large shop with lots of bikes on the floor. Rita found a shirt she wanted so the trip was not a waste. By the time we started back it had become rush hour in Houston. What a rush! We made it back to the camper safely and settled in to watch American Idol and have a few well earned beers.

February 23rd

        The NASA Space Center was our goal for today. We headed back towards Galveston and went about 5 miles past the turn for NASA to get to the restaurant we had seen the other day. Very good food. The trip to NASA was without incident. Traffic near the place was a little heavy but we managed to get parked. We weren't sure if this was a place for kids or if it was going to be interesting for adults. After taking the various tours and viewing the many exhibits I would say it was a great place to take a family. The kids would find plenty to do and adults will find a few things to do. Oh well. The trip back to the campground went quicker that I thought it would. I think we are actually getting comfortable with the road system. It stormed all through the early evening and there was even the threat of large hale. It backed off some and rained off and on most of the night.

February 24th

        We awoke to puddles everywhere. Our particular site seemed to be in an area that never got dry. It had rained the day we arrived and the ground was wet all around the camper when we parked. It was still wet when the rain started yesterday so it was pretty much a lake around the camper this morning. Rita had asked that we visit the Gourmet Oriental one more time before we left the area so today we took care of that. Great food once again. I wish the oriental buffets back in West Bend were anywhere near as good. Back at the camper we made the decision to have Corpus Christi be our next stop. We spent some time selecting a campground and then called to make reservations. It looks like I will have internet again – good news. Rita started laundry and we settled in for a little TV.

February 25th

        Lunch today at a Cici's before our seemingly daily trip to Wal-Mart. After checking out a cart load of groceries, we returned to the camper. Rita still had more laundry to do and I had cleaning projects as well. As much as I had tried to procrastinate and put off the faucet project, I decided that I really needed to change it out today. The leaking had been diminished by not turning the spray hose off during the showers but the leak had continued just the same. The project looked easy and I have to admit in retrospect it was easy. It went in on the first try and didn't leak a single drop. Tomorrow I will be checking on it before and after our showers. I will keep my fingers crossed. Only one more day here in Houston before we hit the road again. Friday is a big sci-fi night along with a busy night on the regular networks. Nothing to do tonight but drink beer and watch some great TV.

February 26th

        Slept way late today It rained most of the night and was still raining when we got up. Miserable day. We watched some really good sci-fi before eventually taking a shower and getting ready. After much careful checking on the faucet installation I declared it a complete success. Two showers had been taken and not one drop had leaked out. After having lived with this leak for such a long time I wish we had changed it out earlier. The best we can tell it had been leaking since the day we bought the motor home. By the time we were ready to go we had become quite hungry. We jumped in the Jeep and took off for Chili's looking for a repeat of the great meal we had there a few days back. We both had burgers and they were great. Mission accomplished. Back at the camper, in the middle of some very large puddles, we settled in for our final night in Houston. I spent the evening watching a little TV and using what might be my last good internet access to update the web site.