Rita & I were sick with a cold or allergies most of time we were in Houston. We didn't really have the energy to do many tourist things so nothing much exciting happened. I only managed to take a couple of pictures the first week and very few the second.

February 13th

        Moving day. We got on the road by 9AM. Only 320 miles to the next campground so this should have been a piece of cake. They said it was going to rain off and on but it looked good when we left. Shortly we hit sporadic rain. Then it turned to solid rain. Hard rain. Miserable driving. By the time we got to the campground I was beat. Not the piece of cake I was expecting. The campground looked like it would be a nice place if it wasn't for the huge puddles all over. We got parked and settled in before unhooking the Jeep. We selected a Sonic just down the road as the place for supper. We had seen lots of commercial for Sonic during our earlier trips and decided to give one a try. Oddly enough, even with all those commercials, we had never realized that Sonic is a drive-in. You know, eat in your Jeep. Not exactly what we were expecting but the food was good.

February 14th

        Happy Valentines Day! Lunch was at a placed called Taco Cabana. Not bad. A wide selection of items and salsas to spice them up. We shopped the Office Depot, Home Depot and Wal-Mart before going back to the camper. We had thought the Wal-Mart would be a 'super' but it was not, so no groceries today. We will have to go out again tomorrow. The remainder of the day was spent around the camper. Not much going on.

February 15th

        My cold continues to make me miserable. We still need groceries so we head north to a Wal-Mart. We stop at a nearby Mexican restaurant called El Rio for lunch along the way. Good food and inexpensive. From there it was about 5 miles to the Super Wal-Mart. Nice store. We managed to find everything we needed and a few things we didn't originally know we needed. Upon returning to the camper I kicked myself for not looking for a new Wi-Fi adapter for my PC. The campground has free Wi-Fi internet access but the adapter on my main PC yes, I take 2 PCs with me when I travel does not seem to work well with their system. The laptop can get a 900k connection but the main unit gets a sporadic 56k connection. Since most of my surfing and web site work is done on the main PC, this is a problem that needs to be solved. I am sure we will be back to Wal-Mart or Office Depot in the near future so I try to be patient. Not really feeling up to going site seeing, I spend the afternoon cleaning the under camper area. After a 2 hour delay while I worked to fix a broken battery tie down strap I managed to get some, but not much, cleaning done. The humidity is out of site and the temps are close to 80. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

February 16th

        Still sick and now even Rita is starting to feel bad. We decide to spend the day in the camper with the A/C on. We didn't even open the curtains. Lunch consisted of soup. That is supposed to be good for colds right? Convinced that I will not be getting a new adapter today, I transfer all my web site updates to the laptop so that I can post them to the web. The first sections of diary and a bunch of pictures get posted to the web site.  Progress is being made. This is the fourth day of our two week visit to Houston and we have not visited any tourist sites or taken a single picture. It is a bummer being sick but we should be better soon we hope. We spend the day suffering and catching up on our taped shows.

February 17th

        I decided it was time to feel better no matter what. I still have my cough and congestion. I contacted my Doctor on the web last night and got a reply today. He says I can try using Claritin. I pop one in and we head off to find lunch at CiCi's. CiCi's is a pizza chain that we tend to find only in the south. They have an all day pizza buffet for $3.99 and their food is good. After lunch we stop at a different Super Wal-Mart. Rita gets some groceries and I get my Wi-Fi adapter. One last stop is at Office Depot. Rita and I had been to one a couple of days ago and looked at the various wireless keyboard & mouse combinations they had. The keyboard we liked was quite deep but after measuring the space available we were ready to make our purchase. We headed back to the campground happy with our purchases. Rita had her groceries and I had some new toys. I spent the remainder of the day installing and testing my new purchases. The Wi-Fi adapter worked great and was able to connect on a 'G' network so it was very fast. The keyboard and mouse switch over was easy and worked right away. Once I resolved a minor interference between the transmitter for the keyboard/mouse and the Wi-Fi adapter everything worked at the same time. Cool.  We stayed up late watching television.

February 18th

        Got up late after having slept better than I had on many recent nights. We got ready for the day at our usual slow pace before getting in the Jeep to find lunch. A place that offered a buffet called Oriental Gourmet was selected as the right spot to go. The food was better that your usual oriental buffet I have to admit. From there it was back to Wal-Mart for a couple of quick items and then home again. I think if we shopped with a list we would not have to go as often but then what is the fun in that. It's not like we have lots of things we need to do each day. At the campground office I picked up brochures for the various attractions around Houston and the next couple sections of our trip. Lots of thing we could do but maybe we will start that on Monday. We want to visit Galveston for sure before we move on. Rita and I spent the remainder of the day working on projects around the camper. I worked on web sites while she worked on a sewing project. We ended the work part of the day with Bloody Mary followed by several beers. Using the Direct TV to access the west coast stations we stayed up very late watching TV.

February 19th

        Lunch at Taco Bell. Good as usual. Spent some time looking at the shower faucet. It seems to be leaking during our showers. It is the worst between showers when Rita leaves the water valves on for me but the water is turned off at the shower head. We found lots of water under the shower as a result.