April 7th

        Moving day again. We had put things away earlier so it didn't take as long to get going as some mornings. We were out of the park at 7:20AM and headed for fuel. The price for diesel at the Fly J was just $2.19 a gallon. It had been cheaper when we started this trip but now $2.19 seemed like a good deal. Getting back on the road about 7:55AM, we made the trip east to the freeway in good time. Streets and Trips had said it would take us much longer than it actually did so we were happy. The road through Houston was very busy but we made it out the other side without too much trouble. We managed to find a rest stop and we pulled in for a quick lunch. The rest stop was packed. There was even a broken down truck blocking our main path out. If anyone pulled in next to us we would have had to unhook the Jeep and backup to get out of the place. I used the john and slapped a sandwich together as fast as I could.  I got back in the drivers seat and we left. Shortest rest stop we have ever done. The KOA in Lafayette is right at the exit so it was easy to find. The rates were high even for a KOA. The sites were a little on the small side and completely tree covered – there would be no satellite TV at this place. A phone line for internet use was available at the far end of the campground in the laundry room. No thanks. I think I can go three days without the internet. After getting setup we jumped in the Jeep to do a quick drive around the area. We found a Harley store basically across the street from the campground that we will have to visit before we leave. We ended up having supper at a Taco Bell.

April 8th

        Using the “Watch It Made in the USA” book that I got from my sister Marcia we picked two stops for today's activities. Street & Trips gave us the address for a CiCi's so off we went for lunch. Small problem – the address seemed to be for the franchise owner's home and not for his restaurant! We got directions from people at a near by grocery store and eventually found our way to the CiCi's. When I asked the manager about the address we first went to he confirmed it was the owners address and said I wasn't the first to go to the wrong place. After a filling lunch of pizza we headed off for our first tour – The Konrico Rice Mill in New Iberia. We had to wander around a bit to find the place but once we found them they had a nice tour and slide show. Next stop – Avery Island, home of the McIlhenny Company and the Tabasco brand. We took a wrong turn on this part of the trip as well but we eventually found the place. They have a nice company store and tour with a film. We took Hwy 90 back towards the camper. It is much shorter than the route we went down on. We stopped at the HD store across from the campground. It was a very large and very nice store. Rita found things to buy. After a quick stop at the camper we headed out to a Whataburger for supper. This will likely be our last Whataburger of the trip. Back to the camper for TV. At least they had good cable in this campground.

April 9th

        We had heard about a Cajun place called Mulattes way back when we were in New Orleans. Since we were now in the area we decide to go there for lunch. They had a Cajun band playing in the center or the room and basic tables all around. Authentic – not fancy. The menu was all seafood and things we had no idea what they were. We ordered the 'house special' and felt we would be safe. Pan fried catfish covered with a shrimp e'toufee sauce and a scoop of jambalaya were the main items on the plate. Everything was delicious. We had some excellent bread pudding for desert. Expensive but worth it – two lunches and a shot glass, $53. Next stop was a Wal-Mart. They seemed to be phasing out their 12oz Bud Lights in favor of a 10oz version. We stayed with the familiar 12oz version. We spent the remainder of the day cleaning and catching up on our taped TV shows. We eventually got done with that and switched over to watching some Highlander Season One discs that we had gotten from my son Chad and his wife Becky for Christmas. We also spent some time in move preparation. Tomorrow we move to Gulf Shores.