April 3rd

        Moving day! Oh boy, back on the road again. Only 200 miles to Waco so there should be no problems. The trip was uneventful but getting to the campground was a little convoluted. We did find the place and the people seemed very nice they even had two cats. For $2 a day more I could plug in to a phone line right at the site next door I signed up at least I would have dial-up internet. With a little research I found that Waco had a CiCi's in it so off we went for supper. It was a nice place and we had a good meal before retiring to the camper.

April 4th

        The whole reason we came to Waco was to complete our Buzzard Billy's tour. Buzzard Billy's is a small chain of restaurants. We had been to our first BB in La Crosse WI some years ago and have been there several times since. When we were in SD for Sturgis in 2002 I extended the return trip by traveling through Lincoln NE and going to the BB there. I continued the detour through Des Moines IA and visited the BB there as well. There are only four BB in the chain and we had visited three. The last one, the original one, was in Waco TX and we thought there was little chance of ever visiting there. Today we would complete the tour!! We found the restaurant on the far side of Waco in the Baylor campus area. Lunch was very good. I had their Jambalaya which is very tasty. We stopped at a Harley store next. Unfortunately it was closed but we can return another day. After a some looking around we found a Wal-Mart and did a little shopping. On the way back to the camper we spotted a Pet Co that we will need to visit soon. The cats were running low on food. It was very windy all day and into the evening with wind gusts so large that I even put the satellite dish down for its protection.

April 5th

        We had seen a Fuddruckers on Sunday while visiting CiCi's and that became the place for lunch today. Nice place and good food. Just what I always expect from a Fudds. We swung by Pet Co for cat supplies before returning to the Harley store. Rita was able to find a HD shirt she liked as well as a shot glass. The winds continued to blow as we returned to the camper. There seemed to be a big storm on its way. I managed to use the dial-up to do a little web work. We watched the weather reports as a huge storm passed just north of us. It did not miss us completely and there were times the rain was so loud on the camper roof you couldn't hear the TV. The golf ball sized hail and tornadoes did miss us and I was very happy about that. Running from a tornado in a motor home I wonder what that would be like? The real excitement for us was a police car in the campground. He stopped at the camper next to us. What terrible things had they been doing? Then he came to our camper. It seems there had been a 9-1-1 hang-up call logged from the phone line I was using. I assured the man that the phone line was connected to my PC and that it had been turned off for hours. I told him everything was fine but he wouldn't leave until Rita came to the door and said she was fine too. I must look like a wife beater. The storm passed and things finally calmed down. Back to TV. Once again we had dodged a hail storm.

April 6th

        One last lunch at Buzzard Billy's. Excellent as always. Our waitress was originally from IL and seemed nice but her eyes sort of glassed over as I told the story of our restaurant tour. Oh well. We checked the path in and out of the service station we planned to get fuel at in the morning. It should be no big problem. The winds should be calm tomorrow for the drive. Time to pack up for travel. You could almost hear Sampson shouting "Let's shake some dust!".